Our commitments

Our mission is to deliver perfectly crafted, beautifully unique floral gifts for you and yours while respecting the place we live in and love.

Making a conscious choice

Local & Seasonal

100% of the flowers we use are grown in the US.

Did you know that 80% of the flowers you can buy in the US are imported from Central America, South America or Europe? At Cabane, we believe that flowers shouldn't travel 1,000 miles to embellish your homes. We support #americangrownflowers and are advocates for the #Slowflower movement. We promote local, seasonal and sustainable growing practices. 

Eco-friendly & Respectful

Your flowers are carefully hand-crafted in our studio and are shipped in eco-friendly boxes that are 100% recyclable.

At Cabane, we don't use plastic. All the supplies that come with your flowers are either: 

- compostable (the eco-wrap and the freshness wrap that come around the stems to guarantee the freshness of your flowers).

- recyclable (the box, the tape, the wrapping papers).

- re-usable (the freshness wrap can be kept and reused and of course the beautiful naturally hand-dyed silk ribbon can be kept and used as a bracelet, a hair ribbon, a charm on your purse, and so many other ways #upcycling.