Meet the artist 


 Jessica is a French graphic designer and illustrator. Passionate about nature and astronomy, she draws her inspiration from her beloved countryside to create bold and colorful illustrations.

Between nature, flora, animals and abstract forms, her work is the epitome of “joie de vivre” (joy of living)



Un café avec PaperFlaneur:

What inspired you for this collection?

This theme deeply resonate with me. Women, Flowers and Emotions are at the heart of my work and of my life. I totally share and support the values promoted by Cabane: local, authentic and sustainable. I decided to leave Paris a few years ago and I now live surrounded by flower fields and forests. The inspiration came naturally from the scenery and nature around me and those warm and vibrant tones.

What is your relationship with flowers?

Flowers are one of my main source of inspiration. Their shapes, colors, the contrast between the delicate petals, the strong stems and leaves,... I find flowers absolutely fascinating. I love being surrounded by flowers, drying my bouquets and representing flowers in my work.

What vision of women did you want to share with us?
Growing up, I never quite fit in any of the traditional boxes. In my work today, I am trying to represent women who feel empowered, proud of who they are and what they love, aware of their strengths and their self-worth and free from judgment from others. 



Discover the lookbook

If you were a...:

Flower - Sunflower
Color - Yellow
Place - Pinewood forest
Dish - Home-made veggie pizza
Quote - "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need"- Cicero


What is your Cabane like? 

My cabane is set in the middle of a pine tree forest. The pine trees are so high that their tops come close to the clouds. A few wildflowers here and there, the sound of the waves crushing in the background, birdsongs above my head, the smell of warm sand and the taste of a fresh lemonade,,. This cabane is like my safe place. 




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