Cabane x PaperFlaneur - Lookbook

When Art meets Flowers. 

Blooming Emotions is a series of collaborations between Cabane and Artists. In each “rendez-vous”, an artist creates a unique illustration and pattern to share her vision of flowers and the emotions they bring to our lives. We design a collection of bouquets and gifts around her work. You receive a unique gift, a beautifully gift-wrapped bouquet and an illustration print to keep! We work with a community of Artists with different styles and background. What they have in common is their love for flowers.


For this second edition of Blooming Emotions, we have partnered with French artist Jessica aka PaperFlâneur. More about the artist



This story takes us to a garden.

It's the last days of summer. After these hot and dry months, the garden looks brown and crispy. Summer is over but no one wants to leave. We set the table outside one last time and, in the golden hour, we raise our glasses to the dawn of summer and celebrate our sweetest memories of that, oh so precious, time together.

The flowers are more vibrant than ever, full of energy, joie de vivre, hopes, dreams, love and promises, filling our heart with joy, reminding us of important moments, special places, people we care for and love and ultimately making us feel strong and empowered. 

In that garden, we start dancing to new beginnings!


CabanexPaperFlaneur_Wrapping paper and accessoriesCabanexPaperFlaneur_bouquets in vase




More about the artist

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