Cabane x Jennifer Bouron - Lookbook

When Art meets Flowers. 

Blooming Emotions is a series of collaborations between Cabane and Artists. In each “rendez-vous”, an artist creates a unique illustration and pattern to share her vision of flowers and the emotions they bring to our lives. We design a collection of bouquets and gifts around her work. You receive a unique gift, a beautifully gift-wrapped bouquet and an illustration print to keep! We work with a community of Artists with different styles and background. What they have in common is their love for flowers.


For this first edition of Blooming Emotions, we had the opportunity to work with super talented French artist Jennifer Bouron who created the illustrations of our collection "Un matin à Paris". More about the artist

Cabane x Jennifer Bouron
With "Un matin à Paris", we follow a Parisian woman, strolling around her favorite Parisian neighborhood one sunny Saturday morning. 
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron_Bouquet Palais Royal
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron_Bouquet Palais Royal
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron_Notebook
Cabane_silk ribbon
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron_Bouquet Batignolles
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron_Bouquet Blanche
Cabane x Jennifer Bouron
About the artist Jennifer Bouron