What flowers are in season in April? - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

What flowers are in season in April?

Say goodbye to the winter blues and "spring" into action with some beautiful, seasonal, fresh-picked blooms, from California!

April showers bring more than just May flowers - they bring happiness and natural beauty that'll last all season!

Here are some of the local flowers that are on the menu in April and that you can be looking for in your next fresh flower bouquets!


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A staple in Spring's bridal bouquets, Ranunculus are often referred to as the rose of spring thanks to their ruffled petals and long stems. They come in gorgeous colors that range from white to hot pink, peach, orange, yellow, soft pink, red or even green. More about Ranunculus here. 


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The iconic poppy flower is the official state flower of California. Celebrate California Poppy Day on April 6th! Boasting delicate, tissue-like flowers, and brightly colored petals, poppies have long been a symbol of remembrance, and represented in art, poetry, perfumery and film. 


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Looking to add a 'spike' of color to your Spring bouquets? Create a beautiful and unique spring bouquet with these tall, colorful blooms. An early Spring flower, they come in various colors, indigo, white, or pink. This versatile flower can be dried and used for dried bouquets. Please note: All parts of larkspur are poisonous, including the seeds. Use caution around children and pets.


Cabane sustainable flowers spring seasonal flowers Lilac

Lilacs are one of spring's most beloved blooms, renowned for their signature purple hue and irresistibly sweet scent. These fragrant blooms come in eye-catching purple or classic white, and are sure to perk up any seasonal color palette. With their delicate petals, funky shape, and sweet smell, lilacs tick all the boxes for a perfect sensory experience! They have a very short blooming season that can last up to only a few weeks. Enjoy the beauty of these special blooms before they're gone.

You will find these flowers in our Bouquet of the Week in April. Find out more here


Little Known Flower Facts

The majority (80 %) of flowers sold across the US are imported from countries across the globe (mainly from Colombia, Ecuador and Holland), generating massive carbon emission. To make matters worse, most conventional floral arrangements are designed in floral foam, a non-recyclable, non-compostable, single-use plastic (phenolic resin) that endures indefinitely in the landfill—and whose micro-particles contribute to environmental pollution.

Guided by the belief that flowers should not travel thousands of miles to decorate your home, especially when they grow close to home, we exclusively craft our bouquets from California and American-grown flowers and eco-conscious materials. We believe this approach yields a more thoughtful gift, one that’s unique, chic and respectful (sans plastic).

Find out more about our commitments here

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Cabane is a sustainable floral studio shipping French-inspired, eco-chic bouquets, floral decor, and gifts, statewide across California.

We offer online flower delivery services and Subscription flower services in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County and statewide across California.

More about Cabane here

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