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What are seasonal flowers?

With the globalized flower trade, there is a constant supply of flowers all year long. Flowers from all over the world are shipped to the US every day. 

Buying local flowers is a form of activism to support domestic industry and reduce carbon footprint. When it comes to flowers, it also means respecting the season of the flowers and buying them at the time where they naturally bloom locally. 

Here are a few examples of what you can find in the US by season: 

  • Spring flowers: 

    • Anemones,
    • Ranunculus,
    • Daffodils,
    • Tulips,
    • Peonies (our absolute favorite!!)
    • Iceland poppy
    • and so much more! Spring is the time of floral opulence!
  • Summer flowers:

    • Sunflowers,
    • Dahlias,
    • Hydrangeas, 
    • Cosmos
    • Gomphrena,
    • ...
  • Fall flowers:

    • Dahlias,
    • Zinnias,
    • Asters
    • Marigold
    • Black-eyed Susan
  • Winter flowers:

    • Anemones
    • Poinsetta
    • Pepper tree
    • Cress
    • foliage 

At Cabane, we only work with locally-grown seasonal flowers. Every week, we design a new fresh flower arrangement featuring our favorite blooms of the season. A great way to enjoy a true variety of flowers and the unique beauty of nature.

Check out our Bouquet of the Week

And you? What are your favorite flowers? 


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