Our guide to spring flowers: Ranunculus, the rose of spring - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Our guide to spring flowers: Ranunculus, the rose of spring

Cabane_Bouquet of hot pink ranunculus

Ranunculus are one of the most popular spring flowers, often referred to as the rose of spring thanks to their ruffled petals and long stems. 

Season & colors

Ranunculus locally-grown in the US are in season from February to May.  

They come in gorgeous colors that range from white to hot pink, peach, orange, yellow, soft pink, red or even green.

Our guide to spring flowers: Ranunculus the rose of spring

Beautiful & (very) long-lasting

Ranunculus are a staple in bridal bouquets (think March-April weddings) and are perfect in any arrangement thanks to their long vase life. 

Our guide to spring flowers: beautiful pink and peach ranunculus

In terms of flower care, make sure that you cut the stems at a sharp 45-degree angle to help the flower drink the water and stay fresh and hydrated for up to 10 days (sometimes more). 

Our guide to Spring flowers: understanding ranunculus flowers

Background check

Now onto the name... Originally from Asia, Ranunculus was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. The name Ranunculus means little frog in Latin (rana), because many species can be found near water. 

Ranunculus belongs to the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family and the most popular specie is known as ranunculus asiaticus, also called Persian buttercup in English or Florists' ranunculus in French.

(if you were wondering, yes, buttercups are a type of ranunculus)

A meaningful bloom

In Flower language, Ranunculus symbolizes charm and attractiveness. Now you know what flowers to pick if you have a crush on someone. 

Good news is that here, at Cabane, we are obsessed with this flower and you will see Ranunculus in our weekly arrangements as long as they are in season!

Check out this week's bouquet here

A bientot! 

Bouquet of ranunculus 

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