Local & Sustainable flowers - why does it matter? - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Local & Sustainable flowers - why does it matter?

Making a conscious choice.

Today, more and more people are making the choice to buy food from their local growers. Traceable, Fresher, truly seasonal, usually healthier, supporting local jobs and helping the community, reducing carbon footprint... the benefits are countless. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in consumers’ purchasing decisions for all types of products, from fashion to cars to consumer goods.

What about flowers?

Do you have any idea where the flowers you buy come from? Well...don't worry, you are not alone. Did you know that 80% of the cut flowers purchased in the U.S. are imported? Most flowers are coming from Colombia, Ecuador or even Holland with a considerable environmental footprint. 

If you are like us, we believe that flowers should not travel thousands miles to embellish our homes. We choose to promote local, seasonal and sustainable growing practices.

Local and seasonal flowers by Cabane
* We exclusively use flowers grown in the US. This is our way to support local growers, help revive the local floral industry, reduce our carbon footprint and promote seasonal flowers. 
We try to implement sustainable practices in everything we do: drying our excess inventory to reuse in dried flower creations, shipping in a recyclable box with zero plastic, using compostable wrapping materials (yes, the fresh wrap, the cling wrap and the stickers are compostable)

Sustainable packaging by Cabane
It's far from perfect and it has its downside business-wise but it does matter to us. The same way we care about the food we eat or the clothes we wear, let's care about our flowers and change the world... one bloom at a time ❤️💐

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