Blooming Emotions #1: When Art meets Flowers - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Blooming Emotions #1: When Art meets Flowers

Meet Jennifer Bouron, the artist behind our new collection  

Jennifer is a very talented French illustrator and print designer

After 3 years designing in the kids fashion space, Jennifer developed her freelance business, and is known for her bold patterns, contemporary portraits, fashionable illustrations and striking color choices.   

Jennifer Bouron x Cabane_meet the artist

Un cafe with Jennifer

What inspired you for this collection?

It all started with the colors that tell the story of Spring for me. The pattern and the illustration came naturally. The illustration tells the story of a woman, she lives in a city and one sunny Saturday morning, she decides to go for a stroll in her favorite neighborhood and to gift herself a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. She is a strong independent empowered woman. She cares about the planet by choosing local and seasonal products and by consuming less but better. She is also connected to herself, her body and nature.

Cabane x Jennifer Bouron

What is your relationship with flowers ? How important are they in your life and your work?

For a long time, I was clearly a plant lover but flowers have started to grow on me more and more. I think flowers are such a delicate and personal attention to give as a gift to the people we love or even to yourself. Flowers are very important in my work, I draw a lot of floral patterns, I like to keep a naive and dream-like style and play with the forms and colors.

Cabane x Jennifer Bouron _ Floral scarf

How do you feel about the project and the values that are at the heart of CABANE?

I totally recognized myself in CABANE's values. It is so important to buy and support local, not only when it comes to food, but also your clothes, your furniture and of course your flowers. I am trying to live up to these values in my everyday life and in my work.

Cabane x Jennifer Bouron

Let's play... if you were

A flower: Hydrangea
A color: dust pink
A place: A botanical garden
A dish: A bowl of granola with fresh fruits and seeds
A smell: The smell of Chai Latte's spices
A song: "Angel Baby" by John Lennon
A quote " Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul" by Alice Walker


Cabane x Jennifer Bouron

What is your Cabane like ?

For me, Cabane is a place to tell stories or to reconnect with yourself. It is like a small temple with colorful sheets and blankets, throw pillows, flowers picked while wandering in the countryside, precious little treasures from the past, our favorite books and vinyls. The light is very soft, it is a soft and comforting place.  

Cabane x Jennifer Bouron

Merci Jennifer !

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