Cabane - 2022 Holiday gift guide - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Cabane - 2022 Holiday gift guide

Few things say, “You are special to me” quite like a thoughtfully chosen gift.

Handing a friend or loved one a carefully wrapped present lets them know that you were thinking about them when you weren’t together, and that you purposefully chose a surprise that reminded you of their best qualities. It’s a way of expressing not only affection for, but interest in, your loved one and the things that make them unique.
That’s why products that claim to be perfect for everyone on your gift list can seem so unusual. An automatic food chopper is certainly a handy item to have, but will it really thrill everyone? Knowing how to give a meaningful gift means paying attention enough to realize that while a food chopper may excite
your budding-chef sister, it could fall flat with your mother who would never willingly put on an apron when so many wonderful restaurants are able to deliver her favorite meals.
The last thing you want to do is give someone a gift that doesn’t align to their tastes, but contributing to consumer culture can also seem unappealing despite the whirl of commercials promising wonders. Rather than a time to spend money on presents that leave the environment bereft, Christmas could be a time to appreciate the seasonal, the sustainable, and the natural in a way that refreshes and rejuvenates the recipient – and us.
Giving the perfect gift doesn’t require mind-reading powers or an enormous budget. All it takes is an appreciation for lovely things and for the people who would enjoy them most. This Christmas season, Cabane’s holiday collection offers uniquely beautiful presents for the loved ones you want to surprise and thrill. Read on for inspiration.


For the hostess friend whose home is a hub of holiday cheer, choose Cabane’s Le Jardin De Table centerpiece!

Its seasonal mix of vibrant winter greens, fragrant cedar, and colorful solidago and statice is dotted with dried citrus, berries, and flowers and artfully arranged in a rustic wooden box. It creates a welcoming, festive focal point for any holiday gathering and is a cheerfully warming sight during the year’s coldest months.

    Cabane sustainable flowers and home decor - floral centerpiece

    To the friend who can be counted on to have chic outfits, give a unique and fun accessory!

    Cabane’s hair comb, handheld pouch, scarf and scrunchies each strike the perfect balance between statement fashion and everyday staple. The Christmas season is a whirl of social occasions, and she will love to have a fresh piece to accent her holiday wardrobe.

    Cabane floral pencil case

    For the creative friend whose way with words is as charming as her personality, the gift of a stationary set is certain to be a success!

    Cabane’s notebooks and pencil case are each decorated in this year’s featured holiday pattern. The earthy color scheme and whimsical floral details are sure to spark inspiration.

      Cabane Floral notebook

      To the friend whose home is an expression of her own creativity and style, offer the gift of a wall wreath or dried flower dome!

      Each wall wreath is a colorful, sustainable mix of dried flowers. They come in a variety of sizes for decorating any room from a living room to a bedroom and are visually captivating. As for the dried flower domes, their wooden bases and clear glass covers provide elegantly boho backdrops for the charmingly vintage floral arrangements inside. They make an exciting centerpiece or accent decoration!

        Cabane sustainable flowers and home decor - dried flower dome

        To the friend who appreciates the importance of self-care, gift her one of Cabane’s sustainable floral candles!

        Choose from between two wonderful scents: One is reminiscent of the crisp morning breeze blowing through a wintery fir forest, and the other blends sweet pumpkin with the rich notes of vanilla and spices. Each coconut wax candle’s ceramic container, dried floral accents and gently flickering light are the perfect accompaniment to meditation, reading, relaxing bubble baths, and many other restorative activities. The crackling wooden wick provides a cozy form of white noise. If the holiday hustle and bustle threaten to become overwhelming, such a thoughtful present is sure to be received with gratitude.

          Cabane Floral Candles

          To the friend who prefers making memories to collecting objects, give her the pleasure of receiving a Sustainable Flower Subscription!

          Cabane’s subscription service is perfectly tailored to your friend’s lifestyle, offering options of either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly fresh flower bouquets, a three-month subscription to Cabane’s lifestyle products, or a box filled with a mix of curated surprises.

            Cabane sustainable flower subscription

            For the friend who prefers to choose her own indulgences, a Cabane gift card is an ideal way to show her how well you know her.

            She receives the fun of picking out the perfect present, while you get the credit of being an understanding friend.

              Cabane Gift Card

                Each piece in this thoughtfully chosen holiday collection will charm the lucky person who receives it. Cabane’s giftable florals and fashion pieces exude the Parisian style ethic that marries simple elegance with warm personality. From a statice wreath to a charmingly timeless pencil case, you’ll find plenty to
                delight and inspire your loved ones.
                We all know the saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” This may be partly due to the fact that as our loved one opens their gift, we receive a gift ourselves: the gift of our friend’s joy.

                Who do you want to spread joy to this Christmas?

                Cabane Sustainable Flowers and home decor

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