Flower care - 5 easy steps for longer lasting bouquets - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Flower care - 5 easy steps for longer lasting bouquets

You have received a beautiful bouquet of flowers... now what?

Flowers have a magic power, they have an immediate impact on happiness. Receiving (or buying yourself) a bouquet of fresh flowers usually spreads a huge smile on your face. Did you know that flowers help relieve stress and anxiety and have a long term positive impact on moods? If you ever needed a reason to fill your home with fresh blooms, think no more!

Here are a few tips to make that happy feeling last (i.e. don't let the stinky flower water happen to you)

1. Unwrap your bouquet carefully:

Unpack your bouquet carefully, setting aside the ribbon and the paper. If you received your flowers from Cabane, remove the wet sponge wrap that kept your flowers hydrated. It is compostable or can be kept for future use. 

2. Re-Cut

Re-Cut the stems (about 1/2 an inch) at a sharp 45-degree angle (your flowers arrive very thirsty and this will help them drink more water and keep blooming)

3. Arrange

Arrange your bouquet in a pretty container filled with fresh water. 

Pro-tip: When it comes to hand-tied bouquet, we recommend to keep the raffia ribbon as it holds the design together. However feel free to cut it and re-arrange the flowers if you are feeling creative. For example, you can break the bouquet and re-arrange it into smaller bouquets. 

4. Keep the water clean

Make sure there is no leaves directly in the water (as they can contaminate the water with bacteria and make the water very smelly)

To maximize vase life, try to change the water every 2-3 days

Pro-tip: you can add a spoonful of sugar to the water to help nourish the flowers and increase vase life


 5. Voila! Enjoy your flowers!

 Cabane sustainable flower delivery in California 5 easy tips to keep your flowers longer


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