Our guide to spring flowers: Daffodils - by Cabane - sustainable floral design studio in California

Our guide to spring flowers: Daffodils

Nothing says spring quite like daffodils. 

Daffodil is a common name for a family of plants called NarcissusThey are bright and fragrant flowers. Daffodils are some of the first flowers to bloom in springtime and are a great indicator that winter is over.

Jonquille [ʒɔ̃kij] in French

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The flower of new beginnings

In the language of flowers, they mean rebirth and new beginnings. Yellow daffodils are perfect gifts if you want to cheer someone up or wish them good luck, or simply bring happiness to your home.

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Flower care

To maximize your flowers' vase life, put your bouquet in a clean vase with cool water and change the water every other day. Daffodils tend to be very thirsty so keep an eye on your water level. Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight in a cool environment to help them last longer. 

For this specific bouquet, we don't recommend re-cutting the stems. When daffodil stems are cut, they emit a kind of sap that can be harmful to other flowers. If you wish to re-cut the daffodils stems, soak daffodil flowers alone in water overnight and then rinse the stems before arranging them with other flowers.

Beautiful but keep away from pets

Daffodils are beautiful but contain compounds that are poisonous to humans and pets. Do not allow children or pets to eat any part of the plant or drink the water that cut daffodil stems have been in. Always wash your hands after arranging the flowers.

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